"In the Shadow", the next film in preparation

The shooting ofAscension ended, it was a new project that was launched at the end of 2018, totally unexpected with the arrival of the unprecedented social movement in France that everyone knows.

From its launch to today, I have followed the evolution and emergence of what will probably go down in history as one of the greatest popular uprisings of the 21st century.


Testimonies in images in a shock documentary, on the journey of these men and women who, revolted, have put in motion the bodies to question an entire system.

It is a whole new way of filming that opens with the shooting of this new film.

Through the gas, the noise and the crowd, I wanted to discover from the inside, this popular movement born in 2018.


I also followed him during the most violent protests of 2019, and tried to understand the political and social issues of this crisis.

With images of Paris in flames, I retrace my steps in this next film.