credits :
Director Julien Rogue
Producer Julien Rogue
Composer Vincent Lepeigneul
Shooting dates 2017 / 2018
Post-Prod 2019 / 2020
2nd Crew Lynwood Vision

Shikijo Petroski

Jessy Penelon

24 prod
Staring :
Axel François Main Character
Sébastien Peyre Pilot
Ben Vavasseur Pilot
Kevin Fayolle Pilot
Nicolas Delorme Pilot, World ex-Champion
Lise Hanol Axel François' companion
Christopher Matos Racing staff


The film follows the year when Axel, a promising young driver, decides to start racing and to participate in various championships around the world.

He will have to face his first defeats, but also the judges' decisions and he will discover that the world of automobile competition sometimes reserves many surprises.

Will he be able to overcome his difficulties and take that first place, right at the top of the podium, which he has dreamed of since childhood?

The frame

The film is divided into 10 chapters, each corresponding to a part of the pilot's ascent.

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    The film opens with images of the south of France.

    Axel talks about his passion and his childhood dream: to become a professional pilot.


    Axel is a young driver who is looking to join the world of car racing.

    He has been building a race car for several months with a view to participating in the French championship for the 2017 season.


    Axel discovers the world of competition.

    While he is the outsider, he creates the surprise by beating one by one his opponents.

    Then comes the final against the defending champion where everything will change!


    Following his disappointment in the first round, Axel decided to continue his season by participating in the second round of the championship.

    While his rival of the previous round eliminates one by one his competitors, the two pilots will again face each other for the final.

    Something crazy is going to happen...


    The young driver is troubled but nevertheless, he decides not to let himself go and bounces back by taking the decision to return to the origins of the discipline, and by going to practice with the best drift drivers on the planet: in Japan!

  6. ARENA

    Strengthened by his teaching with the greatest Japanese masters, Axel decided to expand his objectives.

    He decided to enter the European Championship, considered one of the most difficult in the world.


    After his recent victory, Axel is off to compete in the mountains!

    They are known to be particularly dangerous:

    A single mistake, a single error, and the risk is to see your car completely destroyed!


    Axel continues his season and participates in a new event of the European championship, this time in Switzerland.

    He has to fight a duel against his best friend: Ben Vavasseur.

    A memorable duel between the two friends that highlights the spirit of brotherhood and mutual support between the pilots.


    The end of the season arrives and axel decides to participate in the mythical event of "pipay" in the French Alps.

    It is a great gathering where the best pilots compete and offer a spectacular show, facing nature.


    Last round of the championship, Italy will offer the place of the ultimate confrontation to determine who will be crowned champion.

    At the cost of multiple efforts, and at the end of his strength, Axel will once again measure himself against the drivers of the championship to try to keep his place of leader.


    The people close to Axel tell us about him, about the adventure it is to follow him every day.

    We learn how much the victory is linked to the people who are close to him.

    His path is the story of an ordinary man who tries to escape from a future that is all set.

Original soundtrack (provisional)

Tony Anderson - Like a child (cinematic mix)
Judah & the Lion - Suit and Jacket


Blue Wednesday - One
Samplus Bear - Spell On You
Fyze - Mystery
Unlike Pluto ft. Desi Valentine - Someone New


Generdyn - Side by Side (feat. Eric Swavley)
Daughter - Love (BAILE Remix)


2WEI - War Lord (Escape Velocity)
Wanbs - Torii
Mustang Nismo - Brian Tyler Feat. Slash

Adam Taylor - Across the sky
Royal Deluxe - Dangerous
Hi-Finesse - The Wolf
Take/Five & Curfew - Kalahari


Sub Pub Music - Will We Ever Die
Tchami - Farewell (Heroless Remix)
Anitek - Second Thoughts
Instrumental - Monsters


Always Grateful Never Satisfied - Orchestral Instrumental
Foreign Air - Free Animal

Nick Box - Sono

Esterly ft. Eric McSpadden - Death Don't Have No Mercy
Anitek - Lost Hours
RocknStock - Power
Samplus Bear - Blue Bird
Jacob Banks - Chainsmoking
Traveler - Floodlight


Data Romance - Saskatoon
A Tribe Called Red Ft. Black Bear - Stadium Pow Wow
Anitek - Guide Me ft. Ellie Griffiths


Oliver Michael - Witness
Falcon Funk - Leophant
IamDayLight - Blue


Generdyn - From Nothing

This film is actively looking for Distributors.

The CGR cinemas (Groupe Circuit Georges-Raymond) are interested and support the film.

The Drivin' open-air cinemas OC CINÉ are keenly interested.

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